Anchors Aweigh

I always have a hard time starting work on a new book. I’ve always had to spin my tires for a while before building up any momentum. I’d say on average, I’ve done the first 10-15 pages of any of my graphic novels somewhere between 3-5 times EACH. At that point, I usually figure out what I’m doing, and then I’m drawing a few pages a day. But that period of trying to find the style has at times been infuriating.
Finally starting interior work on VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP. I told myself, “Self, you know what these first 10 pages are going to be like. Remain calm and just do it over.” True to form, I did the first page around three times yesterday and once today, and I think I’ve got it.
One page inked, 185 more to go.



VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP graphic novel announced!

I can finally say, officially, that I’ve started working on my next graphic novel, a solo effort called VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP: THE HOUND OF HADES, for First Second Books. I’m lucky enough to get a relatively steady stream of freelance work, but it’s not often that I get to work on my own creation for one of my favorite publishers with an actual budget attached. To be honest, I kinda can’t believe it.

Here’s some promotional artwork and a bit of text from Kieran Shiach’s article at the COMICS ALLIANCE website:


Stock Up On Your Magical Items at

by Kieran Shiach September 2, 2016 9:30 AM
“If you ever wondered where magical beings went to get the very latest in mystical gear, it turns out there’s a one-stop shop for all of their supernatural needs.
In 2018, cartoonist Mike Cavallaro will take readers inside Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop to explore the lives of the staff who work there, and to see what happens when they realize they have to stop an adventurer succeeding with his quest.
Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop: The Hounds of Hades follows Nico, Buck, and Lula, who work diligently for the titular store — but when Beowulf’s great-grandson Eowolf comes in looking to stock up for his quest to slay Cerberus, the staff at Vulcan’s realize they need to stop him from inadvertently unleashing hordes of dead souls back into the living realm.
The characters of Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop have existed in a number of forms over the years, including within the page of British all-ages anthology The Phoenix, and in self-published single issue comics. Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop: The Hounds of Hades marks the first original graphic novel in the series.”

Read more from the COMICS ALLIANCE article here.


Mile marker

Just finished writing the first draft of my new graphic novel: 182 pages of comics, all of which is already thumbnailed, with about half of it lettered. It seems like only a couple days ago I was stuck on the first few pages, but that in fact was about five months ago. I’ve written shorter stories, but never anything this long or cohesive. It’s been so much fun! I can’t wait to start drawing!


Some things end, others begin…

Feels like it’s been a while since I posted anything here! First up, the DECELERATE BLUE graphic novel with writer Adam Rapp for First Second Books seems to be done. There’s one more round of proofs but hopefully all’s well and that can move forward to publication. Here’s the cover art:


Next up: I’m finalizing negotiations for my next graphic novel, and I’m very excited about that since I’ll be writing and drawing the whole thing myself for one of my favorite publishers. I should probably wait until the paperwork is signed to say more about that, but I’m already working on it and will have lots of preliminary art to show when the time is right.

Meanwhile, looks like I’ll be exhibiting at Baltimore Comic-Con, September 2-4, 2016. Each year the organizers pick a theme and ask exhibitors to contribute to a yearbook that will be available for sale at the convention. If you’ve checked out my NICO BRAVO and VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP comics, and if you’ve ever picked up an Archie Comic, you may recognize some of the characters in my contribution:


More on my new book soon, stay tuned!


VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP is open for business!



The VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP comic book is available for mail order!

A preview is available in the SAMPLES section, HERE.

How much?: $5.00 each + $3.00 shipping & handling.
Details: 24 pages + covers, full-color, no ads, standalone issue.
Payment: I can only accept Paypal at this time. Send $5 per copy, plus $3 s/h to:

IMPORTANT: You must email me your correct mailing address! Click the email link below and put “VCSS ORDER DETAILS & MAILING ADDRESS” in the Subject line. Tell me how many copies you’ve ordered, where I should mail them, and be sure to include your Paypal address so I can cross-check the orders. Link:


Shipping: Each issue will be bagged and will go out in a standard envelop with a backing board.


If you’re going to the MoCCA Arts Festival in NYC on April 2nd-3rd, get your copy THERE and save on the shipping and handling! Plus I’ll be cosplaying as either the little yellow sphinx or the angry unicorn. Or both. Don’t miss it!


Right on time for the MoCCA Arts Fest 2016, my copies of VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP just arrived! It’s a limited edition one-shot, 24-pages of full-color comics featuring a boy named Nico, his friend Lula the sphinx, and a broken unicorn named Buck. Oh yeah, and Vulcan, their boss and the owner of the Celestial Supply Shop!

The comic’s official street-date is April 2nd, the first day of MoCCA. I’ll be there at the National Cartoonists Society booth.  But I’ll have a limited quantity for sale before that here on this website. Stay tuned for more info!


Hy Eisman video

My favorite Hy Eisman lesson: On my first day at the Joe Kubert School back in 1988, a guy steps into the room with a disheveled stack of wrinkled newspapers under his arm. He drops a few pages on the desk nearest him and says, “Pass ’em down.”

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NYCC 2015

NYCC _ NCS Banner2-01

Drop by the NATIONAL CARTOONISTS SOCIETY booth #2309 from October 8-11 at New York Comic Con in the Jacob Javits Center where we’ll have books, prints, sketches, T-shirts, greeting cards, and more for sale. Meet the cartoonists behind Mad Magazine, The New Yorker, and numerous comic books and syndicated comics strips.


I’ll be sharing with a bunch of talented folks, so any time is a good time to drop by, but I’ll be at the booth as follows:

Thursday 10/8:  4 – 7pm
Friday 10/9:  4 – 7pm
Saturday 10/10:  10am – 1pm
Sunday 10/11:  10am – 3pm



Short Boxing (ep 2)

I dug up a short box of magazine-sized comics last night and it’s filled with a number of random gems, too many to list right now. Here’s a few of the first one’s I bought way-back-when that really got into my brain and stuck with me…

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