Vulcan’s Celestial Supply Shop

When people need to buy something like a doorknob, or shampoo, or a lamp, they can go to town and buy it in a store. You can buy alligator shoes or an alligator bag at an alligator store, but only if you’re an alligator. If you were a plant, you wouldn’t need to buy anything because rain and sunshine are still free.

Now suppose you were a Giant. You’d need a club the size of a tall tree, maybe one for everyday and another for special occasions. You’d need an Extra-Extra-Extra-Extra Large shirt, and your shoes would be as big as cars. If you were a Centaur, your shoes would be a lot smaller, but you’d have to buy two pairs at a time; one pair for your front hooves, and one for your back.

And what if you were the kind of God or Demigod that the ancients believed in, like the God of Lightning, let’s say? You would need TONS of lightning. Each bolt of lightning only lasts a second or two, you’d have to buy boxes and boxes and boxes of lightning.

So where would you buy all this stuff? Where would you buy giant clubs and centaur shoes and boxed lightning? The supermarket doesn’t sell any of that. At a bookstore, you can read about them but you can’t buy them. Even the hardware store doesn’t have them.
But you’ve already figured this out, haven’t you? As everyone knows, you can buy any of these and more at VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP. In fact, Mythical Creatures the world over know: for the best prices, quality and service, VULCAN’S can’t be beat!

Of course, even Vulcan can’t do it alone, and that’s were Nico, Lula and Buck, his trusted helpers, come in. After all, in a store that sells the most powerful artifacts this side of Olympus, who else would you hire but a boy with a mysterious past, a bookish Sphinx-in-training, and a high-strung veteran of the Unicorn Wars?

What could possibly go wrong?

VULCAN’S CELESTIAL SUPPLY SHOP is soon to be a graphic novel by Mike Cavallaro from First Second Books.