DECELERATE BLUE (First Second Books, 208p. $17.99. ISBN 9781596431096), my new graphic novel with author Adam Rapp, is now available for in-store and online purchase! We’ve got some reviews and interviews!


Kirkus Reviews: “This is a strikingly illustrated book set in a potentially massive world, and readers will hope this isn’t the only story to come from it.”

Publishers Weekly: “It’s a world of absolutes, strikingly reflected in Cavallaro’s jittery, angular illustrations, which largely forgo shading in favor of stark black-and-white scenes; color is used only twice, powerfully heightening the emotions in each scene. Rapp’s rapid-fire dialogue eerily evokes a society hurtling down a troubling road and raises haunting questions about sacrifices made in the name of safety, productivity, and progress.”

School Library Journal, starred review: “Fans of George Orwell’s 1984 and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 will find much to ponder in this notable graphic novel.”

Unbound Worlds: “Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Exhausted by social media? I’d like to prescribe Decelerate Blue, a dystopian science-fiction graphic novel written by Adam Rapp and artist Mike Cavallaro. I finished it in one sitting, like a starving man devouring a sumptuous meal. I needed it. I bet you do, too.”

Gay League: “Decelerate Blue was an engaging and thought provoking read for me. Those requiring happy endings will be disappointed and miss what I believe to be Rapp’s point: One’s ideals and truths are worth fighting for and living regardless the price.”

Project Muse: “Edgy author Rapp pairs up with talented illustrator Mike Cavallaro in this beautiful and powerful graphic novel about a teen who chooses to say “No.” It’s a rare graphic novel that dives into romance and dystopia…”

Very happy for this to finally come out!