Playbill from The UnderThought, Feb 20th & 21st, Brooklyn Lyceum

The UnderThought

Feb 20th and 21st
Brooklyn lyceum Sun 7pm and Monday 8:30pm

The UnderThought
Brooklyn Lyceum Feb 20th and 21st
Concept by Lisa Natoli
Choreographed by Lisa Natoli with Maia Ramnath, Cody Schreger, and Susie Williams
Running time about one hour no Intermission


Lisa’s Bright Ideas was founded by Lisa Natoli in 2008, and has been presenting work that investigates the intersection of dance, circus arts, and physical theater. Natoli creates works rich in concept and daring feats of athleticism. She transforms the performers and audience’s expectations by turning the art form inside out and on its head.

Natoli works collaboratively with the performers to create intimate installations and staged productions. Lisa’s Bright Ideas has presented performances at venues around NYC including The Brooklyn Lyceum, Galapagos Art Space, and MonkeyTown. The performers have included Lisa Natoli, Kristin Young (Cirque Du Soliel,TSNY), Bob Hoffnar (sessions musician, Wayne Hancock), Cody Schreger (The Metropolitan Opera, aerial skills teacher), Susie Williams (The Flying Pages,STREB), Sarah Wollschlager (Grounded Aerial Dance), Laura Sheehy (Cabaret, Mental Head Circus), and Francis Stallings.
Performer Bios
Lisa Natoli attended the Alvin Ailey certificate program before finishing her degree at the University of Iowa in 2000. She moved back to New York where she has performed with Amy Kail, Dawn Poirer, Jill Sigman, Kelly Hayes and Katy Orthwein. Lisa was a full time company member of Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance from 2004-2006 where she still guest performs. Lisa performed with Time Lapse Dance in the opening ceremonies of the International Champions League cricket tournament in Bangalore, India. As an aerialist Lisa has performed with ImaginAerial, Helium Aerial Dance, Cirque-Tacular Entertainment and Kevin O’Connor. Lisa has also performed her own choreography at Above the Belt, CBGB’s Gallery, Cleveland Public Theater, Irondale Theater and S.L.A.M. Lisa is a frequent solo performer at the resident program Floating Kabarette at Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, New
Maia Ramnath was in an earlier incarnation a scholarship student at the Merce Cunningham, Martha Graham and Jennifer Muller studios, and performed with various modern dance and aerial choreographers and groups in NYC including Pat Catterson, Rachel Cohen, Jonathan Appels, Elise Knudsen, Jill Sigman/Thinkdance, Cirque Boom, Chalasa Performance Company, and the Merce Cunningham Repertory Understudy Group. In her next incarnation she performed in Santa Cruz, CA with Lunacy Aerial Productions and Wide Blue Yonder Dance while attending grad school at the University of California. Maia is also co-founder/director of the Moving Company, which is producing a new aerial-dance-theater project at the Lyceum April 22-23. In her spare time she teaches history at NYU.

Cody Schreger is a New York City based performing artist, choreographer and instructor. She has studied a wide range of creative arts from modern and flamenco dance to clown, Commedia Del’ Arte, traditional theater, gymnastics and aerial arts. In 2005 Cody graduated Bard College with a BA in dance choreography and has since performed with companies such as Cirque Dreams, Cirque Boom, Lumins Circus, the International circus festivals of Albacete, Spain and Latina, Italy. While in NYC she performs and choreographs for local events and shows, and teaches ongoing classes in aerial arts.
Cody recently finished a run as an acrobat in the world premier of Robert Lepage’s staging of “Das Rhiengold “at the Metropolitan Opera. The production returns to the met in the spring of 2011.

Susie Williams is a New York based aerialist. She has trained with just about every teacher that has come through NYC but loves Kevin O’Connor the most and isn’t afraid to admit it. She has also trained at the San Francisco Circus Center where she learned to keep her legs straight and how to do a handstand. When she is not performing with Lisa’s Bright Ideas, you can find her performing flying trapeze at your local county fair or teaching at STREB.

We would like to Thank Ann Williams, Anne O’Neil, Uncle Pete and Steve, Casey Moore and family, Barb and Bart Natoli, Mike Cavallaro, Megan Gendell, Jen Choi, Carrie Nutt, Kelly Hayes, David Lewis, Charles Chris Chang, and Kate Hiltz for contributing to our Kickstarter campaign and helping us out.
I would also like to thank the performers for their time and dedication as well as some of the teachers that have helped pave a new path for me. Thank you Kevin O’Connor, Laura Witwer, Terry Beeman, and Janet Panetta. And last but not least thank you Kristin Young and Laura Sheehy for more than I can put into words here.

If you would like to know what the music was I have a few copies of the set list.

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