Denver. Friday January 5th

Rainbow Militia presents Tabula Rasa Cabaret
I will be performing with live original music and a cast of beautiful and innovative performers in Tabula Rasa.
Step Right Up!
Marvel as artists fly through the air and move upon the earth as you have never seen before!
Be beguiled as their antics are accompanied by the live music stylings of Denver’s most talented musicians!
This one night only extravaganza will pair circus artists with live musicians in a cabaret unlike anything you have ever seen before!
MC: Brenton Weyi
Circus and Dance Artists:
Mia Battaglia
Amber Blais
Katie Brunner
Meri Burgess
Wonderbound Artist Conner Horak
Maureen Maguire
Lisa Natoli
Zia Pixie
Leilani Rose
Wonderbound Artist Morgan Sicklick
Bekah Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Staza Stone
Jennifer Thies

Adam Agee
Rob Drabkin
Alana Dyn
Mark Emmons
Mackenzie Gault
Zach Holcomb
Jen Korte
Thomas Michael Vincent
Mikey Smith
Russick Smith
Jeff Tomlan
C. Vincent Plummer
This evening is generously sponsored by Ratio Beerworks and Master Point Rope Access Solutions

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