Bright Ideas Aerial Salon: Subtleties at Big Sky Works Feb 27th 8:30pm

Bright Ideas Salon is an open studio look into sketches and phrases curated and choreographed by Lisa Natoli. I often discover where I have failed and where things can lead as the work meets the audience and no one leaves the same.


An evening of the subtleties of hanging, balancing, and falling while searching for compartments to store each thing and each other

photo by Andrew T. FosterPerformed by:
Lisa Natoli
Elizabeth Munn
Laura Sheehy
Elisa Penello

Big Sky Works. (29 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY)
Friday Feb 27th @ 8:30pm
Tickets at the door: $20

Pieces of the same thing at different times. I’m talking into these boxes these boxes keep time these boxes can take this time and make it a different time. Pieces of time in boxes. Putting things in boxes. Putting pieces of the same thing in different boxes. Pieces of the same thing at different times. It’s the same thing. –Keith Haring

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